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"Individually, you are weak.
Together, we are UNSTOPPABLE."

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Who We Are?

CyberTek Gaming is a well established Gaming Community involved in a wide variety of games that strives to build a gaming environment that embraces honesty, loyalty, and camaraderie above all else. For 7 years we have established a great name. We strive to provide quality and transparency to our members, and look forward to ensuring all have a voice in the direction of the community.

Active Community

One of the great things about our community is that we are active both on our forums and discord and usually always have someone to play with. By being so active in many games, those that grow tired of one game always have friends to play with on another.

Awarding Members

What makes us different from other places is that we do NOT use a military rank system, you will not have any teens telling you what to do. Instead we reward members with what they do within the community, and it is both shown on our website AND Discord itself (which no other community does both).

Exceptional Events

We have been working on hosting events such as Tribe wars in Ark: Survival Evolved, Rainbow 6 Ranked nights and more. We also want to start hosting scrims against other communities for those looking for a taste of the competitive side.

Fair & Honest Leadership

Known for awesome admins, offering fair investigations and a non abusive admin team, players know when they play with =CTG= members they are safe. We also go above and beyond in which we display all our donations out in the open from where they go and even the paypal in which they sit, no other community is this open.

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How To Join =CTG=

Quick Process No Interviews

The process of joining our community is a simple one with no interviews required.
While our age requirement is 16+ we do allow younger members to become a trial as long as they are able to sound and act mature.


Simply Register on our Website and check your email to confirm.


After you Register, the Check your email and verify your account.



After you fill out an app, join our Discord and join the channel you desire

Our Numbers

Some of the cool facts about us

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Games We Play

We Provide to Gamers Worldwide

While we started off as a small G-mod and random game community almost a decade ago, the community has flourished in many other games be it the survival style of DayZ to the SCI-Fi realism of Star Citizen and the tactical team-play of Rainbow Six Siege, we are always open to introducing and supporting new games to the community.

Our Servers

We don't own any servers as of yet, but hope to very soon for a varity of games, supported by our community donations.

Our Rules

We have a zero tolerance for unfair play, all members must not use hacks, cheats or glitches.

Your Life

Life comes first, you play on the days your available and convenient for you (and not for us).

The Admin Team

Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team.
Here are just some of our notable backend admins that help uphold the CyberTek Gaming Community


One of two original founders of the community and has been the biggest assest in making the community what it is today by making honesty and fairness a staple in how issues are delt with. Designing and developing our website and other technical related community stuff.

Community Founder


Second of the two original founders, he is very eloquent in dealing with matters and follows our philosophy in providing an equal and fair gaming environment for all.

Community Founder


A very level headed admin and one of our most loyal and active members that helps with the enforcment of the CTG rules without having to raise voice or dish unfair punishments

Community Head Admin

You Decide We Provide

There is no dictatorship here, everyone gets a voice and we will always do our best to make sure you are heard and that we can take your ideas to better this community